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John Conant, ADP Faculty Member from Indiana State, Receives Prestigious Faculty Award

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Indiana State University faculty members John Conant, professor of economics, and David Malooley, associate professor of electronics, computer and mechanical engineering technology, were recognized Thursday with the university’s Faculty Distinguished Service Award. The award recognizes distinguished service outside the classroom.

John Conant

At Indiana State since 1981, Conant has worked extensively with international students both on the ISU campus and abroad and has been involved in international partnerships at both the university and K-12 level. He is frequently recognized for his professional development work with K-12 teachers as director of the Center for Economic Education. Last summer, he worked with ISU’s American Democracy Project to bring the CSPAN bus to West Vigo High school for a special program attended by government and economics students and an introduction to CSPAN’s resources for middle and high school students. He is currently working with West Vigo teachers to create an intergenerational dialogue for students on the impact of the federal debt and will conduct a natural resource and public economics workshop at Yellowstone National Park this summer on conflicts in Public Land Use. The workshop, also in collaboration with the American Democracy Project, is designed to bring together environmental and life science teachers with economics and government teachers to gain a better understanding of the American democratic process, the scientific and economic concepts involved in such issues and how public advocacy affects decisions about public policy.

“Good work is seldom accomplished alone. I have had the good fortune to collaborate with truly excellent Indiana State University students, faculty, staff, administrators and colleagues from across Indiana and, really, the globe,” Conant said. “Serving the mission of our university, which means serving our communities, while working with so many other dedicated and talented people has made this work incredibly enjoyable and fulfilling. I value the opportunity to practice my craft as an economist and educator both inside and outside traditional classrooms; it is that work, which has allowed me to engage with local and global ISU communities. I am grateful for the support of my colleagues in the work I’ve pursued during my 29 years as a professor at Indiana State and I am grateful for this recognition of that work.”

Malooley began his career at Indiana State in 1979. He has served on more than 40 university committees and task forces, 35 college committees and 25 department committees. His service has included Faculty Senate, a task force on the prioritization of academic programs and the committee tasked with implementing the university’s laptop computer program. He has consistently taught three to five courses each semester and is considered one of the most respected educators by his students and peers alike. He is perhaps best known campus-wide for his long term involvement in the curriculum process through his service on the curriculum and academic affairs committee. He has served as secretary throughout many of his years on the committee and has given assistance and advice to virtually every academic unit on campus.

Malooley previously received the Caleb Mills Distinguished Teaching Award. His service to the community has included projects for Sony-DADC,Pfizer, and long-time service on the board of trustees for Christian Campus Ministry.

“I am most honored and humbled to receive this award,” Malooley said. “I learned from my dad and my Lord what it means to truly serve others.” He said his goal is to continue to serve the university to the best of his abilities for but one reason: “It is the right thing to do for the students.”

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