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A Deliberative Forums Project about Privacy – The American Library Association

From National Issues Forum Website

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Who Do I Trust to Protect My Privacy?
Privacy Conversation Deliberative Forums

Presenting a New Project from the American Library Association (ALA) Center for Public Life/Libraries Fostering Civic Engagement Membership Initiative Group (MIG) and ALA Office of Intellectual Freedom

About the Project and about the Issue:

The ALA Membership Initiative Group (MIG), Libraries Fostering Civic Engagement is promoting public deliberation on the topic, Who Do I Trust My Privacy To? Using a discussion guide written by members, Nancy Kranich and Carolyn Caywood, participants will examine approaches to protecting privacy that relies on three possible strategies for protecting privacy:

Approach 1:  The Marketplace

The marketplace is the source of innovation in security and privacy protection technology and it also has a vested interest in privacy that secures the integrity of financial data.

Approach 2: The Government

The government has a responsiblity to provide for public safety which includes identity protection and to secure the rights necessary to a free society.

Approach 3: Myself

I, myself, recognize that privacy values are individual and varied and that no one cares more about my needs than me.

About the issue materials that are available:

Participant’s Guide and Moderator’s Guide are now available in Conjunction with ALA’s Privacy Week. May 2-8, 2010.

About the Free Online Training Workshops:

You are invited to participate in free online workshops about hosting and moderating deliberative forums about the issue of Who Do I Trust to Protect my Privacy?

Learn to convene and moderate community discussions on privacy. Register Now to participate in one or both of these free online workshops:

How to Moderate a Deliberative Forum on Privacy

April 13, 2010, 2:00 – 4:00 EDT; 1:00 – 3:00 CDT; 11:00 – 1:00 PDT

For More Information, contact:

Taylor Willingham,
Nancy Kranich,
Angela Maycock,

The American Library Association’s Center for Public Life was established in 2010 in conjunction with the Kettering Foundation.  The Center’s role is to train librarians from different types of libraries to convene and moderate deliberative forums and frame issues of local and national concern, using National Issues Forums materials and processes.

Nancy Kranich
Special Projects Librarian
Rutgers University Libraries
228 Alexander Library
New Brunswick, NJ  08901
732-932-7129 x153
Rutgers University School of Communication and Information

Past President, American Library Association
Civic Librarian

Contact Information:
136 N. 7th Avenue
Highland Park, NJ  08904-2932
732-932-7129, x 153; 732-985-1599;
732-306-3535 (c), 917-386-2515 (f)

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