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Summer Research Institute on the Future of Community Engagement in Higher Ed

June 25-27, 2010 on the Boston University campus

By Dan W. Butin, Dean, School of Education, Merrimack College

Can you major in service-learning? (Or community engagement or community change or some similar phrasing?) Traditionally, service-learning and community engagement have been theorized and enacted as a pedagogy and philosophy across higher education. One supposedly does service-learning; one doesn’t study it. Yet this is no longer the case. More than 50 academic programs across higher education offer minors and/or majors in community engagement (or a comparably named program). This raises a host of pragmatic, conceptual, and political questions: what do students study in such a major and how do they do it? What does it mean to make the community both the focus of analysis and the context of change? What does this mean for the status, viability, and institutionalization of service-learning in higher education?

Join faculty, students, administrators, and community organizations at a summer research institute focused on academic departments and programs with minors and majors in community engagement, broadly defined. This free summer institute will be held from Friday, June 25 through Sunday, 27, 2010, on the Boston University campus and is open to anyone already involved in or on the path towards an academic program in community engagement, broadly defined.

The summer institute is the first step in understanding, developing, and organizing this burgeoning movement. We will develop and share resources, foster networking and sharing of best practices, and initiate opportunities for research and practice to strengthen our respective programs and fields. See the summer institute’s website for more information, a listing of these academic programs, registration information, and the research base for this growing academic movement. For more information, please contact Dan W. Butin at

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  1. Looks Great! Am requesting funding!


    April 13, 2010

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