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Haiti Earthquake Response Resources: Paper Clip Communications

Below is a list of resources and materials that you may use as you formulate your campus’ response to the Haitian crisis. These are taken from the Paper Clip Communications resource page.

“The images coming from Haiti have been upsetting and disturbing. Many on campuses across North America and across the world have looked on and asked, ‘what can we do to help?’

As usual, colleges and universities are early leaders in rallying their communities – students, alumni, faculty and staff in organizing to help others recover from terrible tragedies.

Please find below a few resources to help you muster your community in its efforts to help the people of Haiti in both their short term needs and long-term recovery efforts. This includes a thirty minute webinar recording that offers concrete ideas your campus community can engage in immediately to assist in relief efforts.

Multi-media Resources

30 Minute Webinar From The Editors of PaperClip Communications:
The Disaster in Haiti: Higher Ed Responds.

Full Webinar Version Please Click Here. (Will not work with Firefox browsers)
Podcast Version Only Please Click Here.

PDF Resources

These resources are offered with no copyright. Therefore, please feel free to photocopy and distribute among students, staff and faculty as needed.

News Regarding Higher Ed and Haiti

Taken directly from our 1.19.10 edition of our free news service: Student Affairs Newswire

Higher Education & Haiti

As the world focuses on the disaster in Haiti, stories about those related to higher education continue to emerge. The country’s largest institution, the University of Haiti, was demolished and other schools are in hard-hit Port-au-Prince. You can read more

Here are some clips of other Haiti-related higher education news:
Campus Responses
And here is information on how several campuses are addressing the situation in Haiti…
Contact us with a link to your campus response and we may publish your efforts in an upcoming issue of the Student Affairs Newswire.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at
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