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By David Kraljic of Votetocracy – is a site where citizens access current bills in Congress, vote on those bills and send their votes to their representative. The site provides access to current bills, bill status, summaries, and votes by the house and senate. Votetocracy members vote on these bills, can comment and discuss them as well. Tallies of government votes are included as well as tallies of citizen votes. An outcome is presented as a disagreement or agreement between the government’s vote and citizen’s votes.
Votetocracy’s goal is to provide citizens with an actionable and measurable means of directly engaging their congressional representatives. By providing the tools described above, the site aims to go beyond discussion forum models by giving citizens actionable steps in addition to traditional discussion models. In doing so – Votetocracy displays solidarity among like minded voters otherwise lost in solitary efforts such as writing letters, emailing or faxing directly to congress. Consider the hundreds of thousands of letters written to Congress each year. These efforts go largely unnoticed by other citizens yet holds incredible influential power. Votetocracy aims to amplify that influence aggregating citizen sentiment on actual bills and by displaying it on the site.
You are invited to join Votetocracy:
Votetocracy provides free tools for Bloggers
For those of you who have a blog, Votetocracy provides widgets that you can take and place on your blog. The widgets are free and display current bills in different topic categories such as Economy or Healthcare. To get one of these widgets visit the widget page on Votetocracy.
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  1. This is an example of citizen participation that could easily become a resource for legislators and governments that pay attention to the public.


    January 21, 2010
  2. I agree, Dennis. Votetocracy would be a great tool in a US Government course as well.


    January 21, 2010
  3. Thanks for the comments!

    I am the blogger and I do the research for the site as far as bills are concerned and how government works (or is supposed to work if Washington played by the rules).

    We are hoping to add new features in the future so please spread the word and tell your friends!

    chelseebente– I agree that our site can be used as a tool for a US Government Course as well. I was talking to my brother (David Kraljic– the founder of Votetocracy) about contacting college professors and high school teachers about having their students write articles for the education section of our blog on the basics on how government works and things like that as assignments for class. It would help us too since we just started about a year ago and we are extremely understaffed. I’m pretty much the only blogger.

    High school students are not of age yet to vote and in the future we are hoping to somehow block those that cannot vote (too young and non-citizens) so we can keep the voting legitimate, but I figure that it is never too early to educate some of these young Americans in high school. Education in this country has gotten so bad that some don’t even know that there are two chamber and Congress, never mind reading the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, two of the most important documents in American History!


    January 21, 2010

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