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Introducing The Harry Potter Alliance

Note: Lauren Bird was a plenary speaker at last week’s 2014 ADP/TDC National Meeting in Louisville, Ky. You can learn more about her organization, The Harry Potter Alliance, and their work to advance social justice and community engagement online and in communities around the country and across the globe  in the blog post below.

By Lauren Bird, Spokesperson & Digital Content Strategist, The Harry Potter Alliance

HPAThe Harry Potter Alliance is a nonprofit that turns fans into heroes. We channel the enthusiasm of fans toward positive causes by using parallels from popular stories to make activism and social justice accessible. By using the power of story and digital media, we’re able to meet young people where they’re at and provide an easier barrier of entry than traditional activism.

Over the course of eight years, our members have done some incredible things:

  • Funded the protection of civilians in Darfur and Burma;
  • Collected and donated over one hundred thousand books and helped start libraries around the world;
  • Registered over 5,000 first-time voters;
  • Phone banked for marriage equality and
  • Worked to change the discourse around immigration reform and economic inequality

We have 250 chapters in 23 nations across five continents (that Antarctica demographic is a tough one to crack), plus an online audience in the hundreds of thousands.

We’re fortunate to have been founded by and have a membership largely made up of nerds and artists, both of who tend to be at the forefront of new media. We approach online activism both as a means to an end, but also as an end itself. While we attend many in-person events where we meet and recruit new members, we are an online organization. We don’t have a headquarters or a main office. Most of our members discover us online. For a lot of them, this online discovery translates to on-the-ground action, but there are many who can’t or aren’t interested in taking IRL (in real life) action for one reason or another—and we don’t write them off. In fact, the bulk of our actions for individuals are online actions. Whether it’s spreading the word, sending an email to a legislator or creating art about the issue, our members participate in a thriving online activist space that doesn’t belittle their contributions simply because they take place online.

To give just one example, right now we’re using The Hunger Games to work on economic inequality, and we aren’t doing it alone. Several organizations fighting for workers’ rights have adopted some of the imagery and messaging from our Odds In Our Favor campaign, using it at rallies and marches around the U.S. But the three-finger salute from the books as a symbol for economic equality and our branding of unjust legislation as “Hunger Games Policy” would not have been adopted by those organizations if it hadn’t been for our core membership popularizing that messaging on social media last fall when the second film, Catching Fire, was released in cinemas

By using fans’ genuine interest in stories and mobilizing them centrally online, we’re able to enact real-world social change. Join us and learn more at

#LovinLouisville #8│eCitizenship Strand

By Jen Domagal-Goldman, ADP National Manager, AASCU

Heading to Louisville for #ADPTDC14? Over the next two weeks leading up to our June 5-7 ADP/TDC Joint National Meeting in this City of Compassion, we’ll be highlighting reasons that we’re #LovinLouisville.

Reason #8? The eCitizenship Strand!

Throughout the conference, you’ll notice an emphasis on eCitizenship and how social media and other technologies can help bolster on-the-ground, in-person community organizing, activism and engagement. We’ll be using #ADPTDC14 to discuss meeting themes on Twitter (make sure to follow @ADPaascu and @TDCnational) and are thrilled that Clemson University’s Social Media Listening Center (SMLC) will be providing live analysis of the social media surrounding this national gathering of two-year and four-year folks committed to advancing civic learning and democratic engagement.

You can learn more about eCitizenship via the themed (eC) sessions below and read more about Clemson’s SMLC on the ADP National Blog here .  We covered the eCitizenship-themed plenary #Online: Democracy Gone Digital earlier in our #LovinLouisville series; if you missed it, you can read about it here. You can also learn more about the eCitizenship Initiative, one of ADP’s civic engagement in action national initiatives in collaboration with Wayne State University’s (Mich.) Center for the Study of Citizenship on the ADP website here.

(eC) eCitizenship-themed Sessions to Note:

  • (eC) Breakfast Session: Smart, Digital Organizing for Coordinated & Powerful Civic Engagement (open to all)
    To leverage the power of new digital tools and take civic engagement and community organizing efforts online, a new approach to organizing is essential. Learn how to leverage key principles of digital organizing to build and scale effective campus and civic community engagement efforts.
    Presenter:  Hilary Doe, Director of Business Development, NationBuilder.


  • Breakfast Session:  Connecting your Campus Community through Service—How to Leverage Social Media to Achieve Your Civic Engagement Goals (open to all)
    Chances are, thousands of students and alumni are performing volunteer work on your campus, but those hours are going unreported. GiveGab, the Social Network for Volunteers, enables schools and their community partners to collaborate online to recruit and manage volunteers. Learn how GiveGab focuses on community to expand and promote your civic efforts.
    Presenters:  Jed Shireman, Development Executive, Higher Ed; and Tonyehn Verkitus, Executive Director of Community Citizenship, GiveGab


  •  (eC) (Pol) Breakfast Session:  
    This session introduces participants to TurboVote, an online voter engagement platform, and outlines an exciting new partnership between AASCU, NASPA and TurboVote. TurboVote staff reviews the technical nuts and bolts of the system and answer questions about how it works and best practices for implementation.
    Presenters:  Sam Novey, Director of Partnerships and Adrienne Lever, Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships, TurboVote;
    Vilma Fuentes, Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs and Cody Patton, Student Government Director of External Affairs, Santa Fe College (Fla.);
    Samantha Figueroa, SGA Director of Civic Engagement, Towson University (Md.)


  • Friday Plenary: #Online: Democracy Gone Digital
    We carry the Internet in our pockets, and it has changed the way we work, shop, play and interact with each other. It’s also changing the way we teach and learn as well as how we organize and mobilize for or against the causes we care about. But are the connections and communities we build online authentic? Can anything worth saying be said in 140 characters? Does online activism actually start revolutions? What does it mean to be an eCitizen? What are our responsibilities in these new public spaces? And how can we harness the power of emergent technologies to advance civic learning and engagement efforts on our campuses? Join us for a moderated conversation about a world online and how we share within and shape it.
    Moderator:  Mike Stout, Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology, Missouri State University
    Presenters:  Lauren Bird, Spokesperson & Digital Content Strategist at the Harry Potter Alliance;
    Suey Park, Writer, Comedian and Activist
    Student Respondent:  Monica Bustinza, Student, Miami Dade College (Fla.)


  • (eC) Featured Session: Clemson University’s Social Media Listening Center: Exploring Avenues for Connection, Collaboration and Assessment
    This session explores Clemson University’s Social Media Listening Center (SMLC) as an avenue to promote and assess civic engagement via social media.
    Presenters:  Joseph P. Mazer, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies and Director, Social Media Listening Center; and Brandon Boatwright, Lecturer and Assistant Director, Social Media Listening Center, Clemson University (S.C.)


  • (eC) (Stu) Featured Session: Dumbledore’s Army: Now Recruiting
    The Harry Potter Alliance uses popular culture to empower fans to be like the heroes they read about. Using the power of story, the HPA educates and mobilizes non-traditional activists towards social justice. Come learn how fan activism works and how you can become a member of Dumbledore’s Army.
    Presenter:  Lauren Bird, Spokesperson, Harry Potter Alliance


  • (eC) Roundtable Discussion:  Academic Freedom and Free Speech—Not in Kansas with the Regents’ new Social Media Policy
    If I use social media to post this, I risk suspension or even termination as a tenured professor at a Kansas Regents’ university if it impairs “harmony among co-workers” among several other things.  The Kansas Board of Regents newly enacted social media policy may have a chilling effect on eCitizenship.  Join this roundtable to discuss similar challenges in your state.
    Presenter:  Rob Catlett, Director, Centers for Economic Education and Community Research, Emporia State University (Kan.)


  • (eC) Social Media 101 (open to all)
    #ADPTDC14 attendees, need the 411 on how to be an #eCitizen who engages digitally in the Twitterverse? If these words sound like Greek to you, join us for this brief but informative crash course on today’s hottest social media channels, what is trending, and what you need to know to effectively engage online. Digital novices welcome!
    Presenter: Stephanie South, National Coordinator, The Democracy Commitment


  • (Stu) (CL) (eC) Lightning Round: Variety
    Moderator:  Leah Jacobs, Program Advisor, Grants Resource Center, AASCU


  • (eC) (CL) Teaching Demonstration: Online Pathways to Community-Engaged Leadership: Preparing Students to Understand the Purposes and Processes of Democratic Engagement
    Colleges and universities are now facing increased pressures to deliver courses online. This theoretically informed and practice focused session highlights basic strategies to integrate service-learning teaching methods into online courses that adhere to the principles of community engagement and embody the methods of democratic engagement.
    Presenter:  Brandon W. Kliewer, Assistant Professor of Civic Engagement & Director of Community-Engaged Scholarship, Florida Gulf Coast University & Points of Light


  • (eC) (CP) Teaching Demonstration: Creating Civic Pathways through eService-learning
    Have you ever wondered how to take that wonderful service-learning you do in face to face class and use it online?  Come and learn about eService-learning, the ways you can incorporate it into your class, tools you need and how to get your community partner involved.
    Presenter:  Kathy Nordyke, Director, Service Learning, Missouri State University


  • (eC) (Pol) Mini-Featured Session: Tweet Up: Watching the State of the Union Address
    Multiple ADP and TDC institutions were involved in a State of the Union National Tweet Up, a live political discussion via Twitter. Students from these institutions had a lively national conversation about the speech. Hear how to conduct a Tweet Up as well as data analysis of the conversation.
    Presenters:  Leah A Murray, Associate Professor of Political Science, Faculty in Residence of the Center for Community Engaged Learning, Weber State University (Utah) and
    Steve Hunt, Professor, School of Communication, Illinois State University


  • Closing Plenary: Social Media Listening Center Findings
    Presenters:  Joseph P. Mazer, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies and Director, Social Media Listening Center; and Brandon Boatwright, Lecturer and Assistant Director, Social Media Listening Center, Clemson University (S.C.)


You can download a Word Document containing all of the sessions designated as part of the eCitizenship strand.

eCitizenship Webinar Tomorrow | Project Management for Student Leadership

ecitizenship_color_smallProject Management for Student Leadership (eCitizenship Webinar #5) 
Thursday, March 20, 2014 @ 1:30 p.m. Eastern

Presented by: Tonyehn Verkitus, Executive Director of Community Citizenship at GiveGab

This is the fifth in a series of webinars related to the eCitizenship initiative occuring in the 2013-2014 academic year.

“Project Management for Student Leadership” will be presented by Tonyehn Verkitus, Executive Director of Community Citizenship at GiveGab. Within community and campus driven projects planning, implementation and monitoring is crucial in ensuring that projects achieve their outputs, objectives and desired impacts. Student engagement through the use of communication tools, empowerment, reflection and rewards promotes a participatory environment in which success is shared by everyone. GiveGab works as a social media and technical tool that can take a project from beginning to end and inspire continued community engagement while developing students’ skills for the post graduate world.

To join: You’ll need to connect via the URL below to see the presentation and call-in via phone for the audio portion of the webinar.
Please login to the URL as a guest and enter your name and institution/organization.
Audio Conference Details: 1-719-387-8317 OR 1-866-642-1665 (Participant code: 499385)

Note: A recording of the webinar will be made available in the week following the event.

If you have never attended an Adobe Connect meeting before:
Test your connection:
Get a quick overview:
Adobe, the Adobe logo, Acrobat and Adobe Connect are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.

Introducing TurboVote: Latest eCitizenship Webinar is this Thursday


Please join us for our fourth eCitizenship webinar! We will host our latest eCitizenship event this Thursday, February 27, 2014 at 1:30 EST. The webinar will introduce TurboVote, a platform for voter registration and engagement, and its new partnership with the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU), and Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education (NASPA). 

The webinar will feature presentations and testimonies from Renee Bricker, ADP campus director and national eCitizenship co-chair, University of North Georgia; Marissa Corrente, assistant director of community engagement, Rollins College (Fla.); Matt Cordeiro, partnerships associate, TurboVote; Sam Novey, director of partnerships, TurboVote; and Adrienne Lever, senior director for partnerships strategy, TurboVote.

In order to join, you’ll need to connect via the URL below to see the presentation and call-in via phone for the audio portion of the webinar. Please log in to the URL as a guest, and enter your name and institution or organization.

Audio Conference Details: 1-719-387-8317 OR 1-866-642-1665 (Participant code: 499385)

If you can’t make it, but wish to access a recording of the webinar, one will be available the following week.

eCitizenship Webinar Series | Upcoming Webinars and Recordings Now Available


2013-2014 Webinar Series:

  • What is eCitizenship? (September 26, 2013) | Recording | PDF
    Presented by the eCitizenship leadership team, this webinar introduces ADP’s eCitizenship initiative. It includes a brief summary and history of the initiative; information on eCitizenship partner organizations, including TurboVote and GiveGab, which campuses can utilize to increase engagement on their campuses; and a summary of research that has been done on technology and democracy among college students.
  • Where Do Students Get Their News and Why Does It Matter? (October 24, 2013) | Recording |  PDF
    Presented by Chapman Rackaway, a political science professor at Fort Hays State University (Kan.), this webinar summarizes research on the ways college students access information and how that impacts their engagement. It also provides insight on ways to use this information in classes and university programs that seek to help students think critically about the information they access online. This webinar also introduces participants to eCitizenship’s Informed Citizen Project.
  • “Shared Values and Collective Impact (December 5, 2013) | Recording | PDF
    Presented by Jeff Cohen, Director, FSG, this webinar focuses on increasing the impact of engagement among college students.


  • Project Management for Student Leadership (January 23, 2014 | 1:30 p.m. Eastern)
    This webinar will focus on strategies for training students to lead community engaged projects.

  • Sustaining Student Leadership on Civic Engagement Projects (February 20, 2014 | 1:30 p.m. Eastern)
    This is the fifth and final of a series of five webinars related to the eCitizenship initiative. This webinar will focus on ways to deal with the high rates of student turnover that sometimes doom large civic engagement projects. Specifically, the presenters will discuss strategies for sustaining student leadership after previous leaders move on to graduation or other activities.

Two Upcoming Events: eCitizenship Webinar #3 and NERCHE’s December 18 Virtual Think Tank

 Make sure that you are signed up for these two awesome and upcoming opportunities:


eCitizenship Webinar #3: Shared Values and Collective Impact
Tonyehn N. Verkitus,
December 5, 2013 1:30-2:30 PM (Eastern)

The third of five eCitizenship webinars, entitled, “Shared Values and Collective Impact” will be presented by Tonyehn N. Verkitus of and will be focused on increasing the impact of engagement among college students.

TO JOIN THIS EVENT, on Thursday, December 5th at 1:30 p.m. EDT, visit: to view the webinar AND then via phone (US Toll Free: 1-866-642-1665, enter participant code 499385) to access the audio for the meeting.

Also, be sure to mark your calendars for the remaining two webinars:

  • January 23, 2014 @ 1:30pm EDT
    “Project Management for Student Leadership”
  • February 20, 2014 @ 1:30pm EDT
    “Sustaining Student Leadership on Civic Engagement Projects”


NERCHE Virtual Think Tank
Academic Personnel Review and Engagement
Michael Bernstein, Provost, Tulane University
December 18, 2013 | 12:00-1:30 PM (Eastern)

About the Session
In recent years, much has been written and discussed about the need for U. S. colleges and universities to aggressively and creatively engage society’s most pressing challenges-from questions of technology and globalization to the cultures of capitalism and personal identity to the long-term implications of climate change and environmental degradation. Thus, increasing numbers of colleges and universities have undertaken innovative efforts to reinvigorate civic engagement or a “covenant” with society that commits faculty, students, and administrators to apply their skills, resources, and talents to address important issues affecting local communities, the nation, and the world. This webinar considers how colleges and universities can integrate faculty engagement in academic-review processes and emphasizes the importance of expanding institutions’ understanding of the traditional review categories of research, teaching, and service to reflect achievements and successes in the area of public engagement.

About the Presenter
Professor Michael Bernstein was appointed the 11th Provost of Tulane University in July of 2007. He came to Tulane from the University of California at San Diego (UCSD), where he served as  the Dean of Arts and Humanities and as a Professor of History. In the past several years, he has been a principal leader in the deployment of Tulane’s “Renewal Plan” – the blueprint for recovery that has both sustained and transformed the University in the wake of the tragic impacts of Hurricane Katrina.

Register for this Session

Text, Talk, Act to Improve Mental Health

Creating Community Solutions, part of the National Dialogue on Mental Health, is hosting a nationwide discussion on mental health using text messaging technology. “Text, Talk, Act to Improve Mental Health” will be held on December 5th – people from all over the country will join together in small groups for one-hour discussions on mental health. Participants will receive polling & discussion questions and process suggestions via text message.

Mental Health

The process is simple:
1. Receive reminders and materials before the event at the TextTalkAct webpage (this step is optional)
2. Bring some people together on December 5th
3. Form into groups of 4-5, with at least one cellphone per group
4. Text “start” to 89800

Participants can host their one-hour discussion at any time on December 5th. This event was created as an easy way for people to organize discussions on mental health, and the text messaging technology is being utilized to encourage young people to join, using technology that is ubiquitous in their lives.

Results from the live polling questions will be tabulated almost instantly, so that people will be able to see how participants across the country responded. The discussion questions will provide a safe space for candid dialogue on mental health, one of the most critical and misunderstood public issues we face. The process will also provide an opportunity for participants to discuss actions they can take to strengthen mental health on their campuses and in their communities.

This December 5th, join Creating Community Solutions in a nationwide discussion on mental health….via your cell phone. All over the country, on the same day, people will get together in small groups for one-hour discussions on mental health.

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